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Building a game menu and loading screen in XNA

by Nico

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a way to get menus and loading screens working in XNA. XNA has no controls like textboxes and buttons like we’re accustomed to in winforms, ASP and so on.

So after searching and only finding half working solutions I decided to share the way I do it with the community.
The result is a five page guide and a link to my solution

Click here to get started!


.Net | XNA

Blog status

by Nico

Work on my own blogengine is going slow but steady.

I currently have a SQL CE 4 database, an Odata service that exposes an entity model of the database and 2 MVC 3 projects, one for the backend and one for the frontend.

For now the backend will have the default mvc3 template, the frontend will be WP7 style.

Stay tuned!


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My name is Nico, I’m an MVP Windows Platform Development living in Belgium.
I’m currently employed as a .NET consultant at RealDolmen, one of Belgium’s leading IT single source providers.

I'm also founding member and board member of the Belgian Metro App Developer Network, a user group focussed on Windows 8 and Windows Phone development. If you're in Belgium feel free to drop by if we're doing an event.

Since June 2012 I'm a proud member of Microsoft's Extended Experts Team Belgium. And in February 2013 I became a member of DZone's Most Valuable Bloggers family.

In 2013 I became a book author and wrote "Windows 8 app projects, XAML & C# edition".

In 2014 I received the MVP award for the very first time.

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