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BlockAddiction: My WP7 XNA game

by Nico

On 8 January my very first game was published to the Windows Phone marketplace. It’s a very simple game called BlockAddiction, the purpose is to keep stacking the blocks on top of each other while they keep speeding up. Now, 19 days later I’ve reached over 250 downloads with this. It may not seem like a lot but I’m pretty pleased with the result Glimlach

Right now, I’m working on version 2.0 and it will include a new game mode and some changes:

  • Time Attack mode: stack as many blocks as possible within 60 seconds without dying (player has 3 lives)
  • About page
  • Maybe some ads but only on the menus, I want the game experience to remain the same and completely ad-free

Time Attack mode is almost complete, just have to develop the difference between time up and game over. Then I need to find out how to add an about page to an XNA game, but more about that later.

For those who want to try out the current version of BlockAddiction, search for it on the marketplace or click here!


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Overview of WP7 devices

by Nico

I’ve created an overview of all currently known Windows Phone devices. I’ll try to keep this as up-to-date as possible but don’t shoot me if it takes some time to add new devices to the list Glimlach.

Every device is linked to a site with all specifications. You can find the page by clicking the link on the right or by clicking here.

For those that are too lazy to check the page, I’ll paste the list here:

Name Release Date CPU speed Memory Display Notes
Acer Allegro November 2011 1 GHz 8GB 3.6" LCD No flash
Dell Venue Pro November 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4.1" AMOLED Portrait keyboard
Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T September 2011 1 GHz 32GB 3.7" LCD 13.2MP camera and waterproof
HTC Pro 7 January 2011 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.6" LCD  
HTC Surround November 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.8" LCD slide out speaker
HTC Trophy October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.8" SLCD  
HTC Mozart October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.7" SLCD Xenon flash
HTC HD7 October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4.3" SLCD  
HTC Titan October 2011 1.5GHz 16GB 4.7" SLCD  
HTC Titan II March 2012 1.5GHz 16GB 4.7" SLCD 16MP camera, 4G LTE
HTC Radar October 2011 1 GHz 8GB 3.8" SLCD  
LG Optimus 7 October 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.8" LCD DLNA support
LG Quantum October 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.5" LCD  
Nokia Lumia 710 November 2011 1.4 GHz 8GB 3.7" LCD  
Nokia Lumia 800 November 2011 1.4 GHz 16GB 3.7" ClearBlack AMOLED N9 design
Nokia Lumia 900 March 2012 1.4 GHz 16GB 4.3" ClearBlack AMOLED 4G LTE
Samsung Focus November 2010 1 GHz 8GB 4" Super AMOLED microSD support
Samsung Focus S November 2011 1.4 GHz 16GB 4.3" Super AMOLED  
Samsung Omnia 7 October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4" Super AMOLED  
Samsung Omnia W November 2011 1.4 GHz 8GB 3.7" Super AMOLED  
ZTE Tania December 2011 1 GHz 4GB 4.3" LCD  


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Nokia Lumia 800 launch party

by Nico

Last friday Nokia Belgium officially showed the Lumia 800 to the crowd in Belgium. 1300 people signed up for the event, 100 received an invitation. I was one of the lucky few that was there.

The party started at 6PM in the Event Lounge in Brussels. The lounge was nicely decorated with balloons, banners and promo girls from Nokia. Microsoft had some xbox360 systems available with Kinect for some fun and entertainment (Fruit Ninja Kinect is a blast!). Immediately at the entrance there was a possibility to try the Lumia 800 in all its different colors. After about an hour of fun and networking it was time to start the presentations.

The first speaker was Jurgen Thysmans, Communications Manager at Nokia Belgium. He told the audience that the Lumia 800 will be available on the 1st of February for about 499 euros. The Lumia 710 will be available on the 1st of March exclusively at Proximus, a Belgian provider. No price was given for the 710.

After Jurgen a reviewer from ZDnet took over, he wrote a review on the Lumia 800 and had some negative points about the device. Afterwards it became clear that he wrote a review based on a prototype with pre-release hard and software. Where I come from we call that a Preview but hey, what’s in a word… His mock-up of the Microkia logo was pretty funny but that’s about all I remember about his talk.

Closing the presentation was Jeroen Van Hees, he’s a Portfolio Manager at Microsoft Belgium. He gave us a live demo on his personal Lumia 800 device, whooing a lot of the guests with the snappyness of WP7 and the awesome design of the Lumia. The reactions were amazing, both in the room and on Twitter (hashtag #lumiabxl).

After the presentation, a young lady from Nokia did some challenges like Ben the pc guy did on CES. She challenged the attendees to put their non-WP7 smartphone against the Lumia, if they could beat her they’d receive a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker. She smoked them all. Off course, the challenges were made to compliment the features of WP7, like taking pictures from the lockscreen, posting messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time.

After the presentations it was time for food and drinks, did some more networking, met some really cool guys. It was a very fun and entertaining evening, and I got a Nokia Play 360 because I smoked the girl with the Lumia using my own Lumia 800 Glimlach

Thank you Microsoft and Nokia for an awesome event and see you hopefully at the Lumia 900 launch event!

For all the pictures, check out my SkyDrive.
All pictures are taken with my Lumia 800.



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