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LowlandsWPDev 2014 slides & demos

by Nico

Last weekend I had the distinct honor and pleasure of co-organizing and speaking at an international Windows Platform developer event. Lowlands WP dev 2014 was a joint venture between the Dutch and the Belgian WP communities and it was awesome!

The slides and demos for my session on Background tasks can be found here:


PIctures of the event itself can be found here


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Presenting at Multi-mania

by Nico

Today I delivered a session at Europe’s biggest free multimedia conference. The session was an introductory session on Windows Phone 8. As promised during the session, here are the slides

The demos can be found on my SkyDrive

In case you’re interested in the session but couldn’t make it to Multi-mania, I’ve delivered this talk before as an MSDN webcast and there’s a recording of that session.



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MSDN webcast SignalR and WP8 slides and demos

by Nico

I had the pleasure of presenting an MSDN webcast on SignalR and Windows Phone 8 yesterday. I had a great time presenting and believe it or not, all demos actually worked! (it was live coding)

The stream was recorded and will be available on Channel 9 soon, in the meantime you can download the demos here (the chat application in the download also has a Windows 8 client as an added bonus).

This slides are on SlideShare.


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My community day session slides and demos are online

by Nico

Yesterday was Community Day, the biggest community driven event in Belgium.

I did a talk there about porting over a Windows Phone 7 app to Windows 8. It was very exciting, I never spoke to such a crowd before, let alone hooked up my portable to a cinema beamer.

The talk itself went pretty well but I did suffer from demo failure, what was really odd since the demo worked perfectly an hour earlier. I researched the error after the talk and it seems that in a Windows 8 Metro app the path to the manifest file is an absolute path for some reason. I suddenly remembered that I moved the solution to another folder right before the talk, so it was my own fault. Reminder to self: never move a folder before doing a talk.

Anyway, it was a great day, I've met some nice people, had fun discussions and attended an App clinic on UI (thanks Lesley for the useful information!). See you next year community day!

Download my slides and demos here.


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Visug: WP7 live tiles slides and demos

by Nico

Yesterday I did a session about Windows Phone Live Tiles at Visug. Visug is the Belgian Visual Studio User Group.

I had a great time, lots of fun, met some nice people, had some drinks and laughs. All in all a very productive evening. Except for the Microsoft Proxy (the event was hosted by Microsoft Belgium) that blocked my connection to the Microsoft Push Notification Service (go figure...).

Anyway, I hope to speak at Visug again in the future, the slides and demos from yesterday's event can be downloaded here.


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Techdays Belgium 2012

by Nico

So Techdays is right around the corner and I’ll be attending for the third time.I’ll be attending all kinds of sessions going from Windows 8 development to the complete deep dive track on web to my favorite subject, Windows Phone 7 development. I’m also excited about the Scott “The Gu” Guthrie doing the opening keynote and doing a session the second day. Also presenting this year is Laurent Bugnion, the father of the awesome MVVM Light framework.

Here’s the list of sessions I’ll be attending, this list is subject to change depending on if I change my mind the last minute, as I’m known to do sometimes Glimlach.

Tuesday February 14th

  • Opening keynote with Scott Guthrie
  • Welcome to the Metro Application Platform
  • Windows Phone Fast App Switching, Tombstoning and Multitasking
  • The Future of C# and Visual Basic
  • Devices + Cloud: Using Azure on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, …

Wednesday February 15th

  • ScottGu unplugged
  • Take a ride on the Metro
  • The zen of async: Best practices for best performance
  • MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8
  • MVVM & WCF RIA Services: an architectural story
  • Building a data intensive application

Thursday February 16th

This is a deep dive day, I’ll be following the web track that focuses on what’s new in 4.5 and Visual Studio 11



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