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LowlandsWPDev 2014 slides & demos

by Nico

Last weekend I had the distinct honor and pleasure of co-organizing and speaking at an international Windows Platform developer event. Lowlands WP dev 2014 was a joint venture between the Dutch and the Belgian WP communities and it was awesome!

The slides and demos for my session on Background tasks can be found here:


PIctures of the event itself can be found here


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Community day 2013

by Nico

Yesterday was the day for Community day 2013, already the seventh edition. A bunch of user groups working together to create a great agenda of presentations by community, for community.

This seventh edition was in my opinion the best one so far, the quality of the talks I followed was incredible and I’ve learned quite a lot.

I also did my own talk on SignalR and Windows Phone 8. Here you can find my slidedeck.


And my demos can be found here (this includes the chat demo, the leap motion demo and the Photobeamer clone.

As mentioned during my talk, the photobeamer clone is something I did a blogpost on a while back, for those interested the post can be found here

I had a blast at Community day 2013 and I’m already looking forward to the next edition!


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MSDN webcast: NFC in Windows Phone 8

by Nico

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a webcast for MSDN on near-field-communication in Windows Phone 8. I did have some technical problems, those problems being my phone freezing for the very first time ever, not even able to shut it down. Great timing for something like that to happen, but I think my audience believed me when I told them that the code really works. For those still in doubt, I’ve uploaded the demo project and you can find it here (SkyDrive link).

The slides are available on SlideShare (embedded here) and the recording will soon be available on Channel9

And don’t worry, I do have a new blogpost coming up, I was on holiday last week and very busy this week (webcast, app-a-thons, actual project at work, …)


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Discovering the Windows Phone 8 SDK MSDN webcast slides and demos

by Nico

Today I did my second MSDN webcast, this time about the brand new Windows Phone 8 SDK. I had great fun doing this, I knew what to expect so I went in relaxed and just enjoyed it. This time even the audio and recording went fine (had no sound for the first five minute last time). The recording is being edited the coming days and should be on Channel9 somewhere next week I think, I’ll update this post when it’s online.

Until then, my demos can be found on SkyDrive and my slides are on SlideShare.


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