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Windows Phone Devices

NameRelease DateCPU speedMemoryDisplayNotes
Acer Allegro November 2011 1 GHz 8GB 3.6" LCD No flash
Dell Venue Pro November 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4.1" AMOLED Portrait keyboard
Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T September 2011 1 GHz 32GB 3.7" LCD 13.2MP camera and waterproof
HTC Pro 7 January 2011 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.6" LCD  
HTC Surround November 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.8" LCD slide out speaker
HTC Trophy October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.8" SLCD  
HTC Mozart October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 3.7" SLCD Xenon flash
HTC HD7 October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4.3" SLCD  
HTC Titan October 2011 1.5GHz 16GB 4.7" SLCD  
HTC Titan II March 2012 1.5GHz 16GB 4.7" SLCD 16MP camera, 4G LTE
HTC Radar October 2011 1 GHz 8GB 3.8" SLCD  
LG Optimus 7 October 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.8" LCD DLNA support
LG Quantum October 2010 1 GHz 16GB 3.5" LCD  
Nokia Lumia 710 November 2011 1.4 GHz 8GB 3.7" LCD  
Nokia Lumia 800 November 2011 1.4 GHz 16GB 3.7" ClearBlack AMOLED N9 design
Nokia Lumia 900 March 2012 1.4 GHz 16GB 4.3" ClearBlack AMOLED 4G LTE
Samsung Focus November 2010 1 GHz 8GB 4" Super AMOLED microSD support
Samsung Focus S November 2011 1.4 GHz 16GB 4.3" Super AMOLED  
Samsung Omnia 7 October 2010 1 GHz 8GB/16GB 4" Super AMOLED  
Samsung Omnia W November 2011 1.4 GHz 8GB 3.7" Super AMOLED  
ZTE Tania December 2011 1 GHz 4GB 4.3" LCD  
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My name is Nico, I’m an MVP Windows Platform Development living in Belgium.
I’m currently employed as a .NET consultant at RealDolmen, one of Belgium’s leading IT single source providers.

I'm also founding member and board member of the Belgian Metro App Developer Network, a user group focussed on Windows 8 and Windows Phone development. If you're in Belgium feel free to drop by if we're doing an event.

Since June 2012 I'm a proud member of Microsoft's Extended Experts Team Belgium. And in February 2013 I became a member of DZone's Most Valuable Bloggers family.

In 2013 I became a book author and wrote "Windows 8 app projects, XAML & C# edition".

In 2014 I received the MVP award for the very first time.

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