blog updates

So keeping a blog does sound simple, but as it turns out it's not so easy to make time to update it :)
I'm going to try and update this more often as I continue my current projects

Some of my current projects:

- Migrating the Huize De Graef website from webforms application to MVC3 and build new admin panel
- Building an XNA game for Windows Phone 7
- Building a custom blog in MVC3

That's right, I'm working on my own blog software because both Wordpress and .net blogengine don't suffice for the full 100%
The plan is to also build a Windows Phone and Windows application to write blogposts.

All these projects are done in my spare time, which I don't really have a lot of, so updates will be slow. Also because I'm learning new stuff as I go.
So expect updates more often and hopefully finally some usefull articles as well.

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