overview of wp7 devices

I’ve created an overview of all currently known Windows Phone devices. I’ll try to keep this as up-to-date as possible but don’t shoot me if it takes some time to add new devices to the list Glimlach.

Every device is linked to a site with all specifications. You can find the page by clicking the link on the right or by clicking here.

For those that are too lazy to check the page, I’ll paste the list here:

NameRelease DateCPU speedMemoryDisplayNotes
Acer AllegroNovember 20111 GHz8GB3.6" LCDNo flash
Dell Venue ProNovember 20101 GHz8GB/16GB4.1" AMOLEDPortrait keyboard
Fujitsu Toshiba IS12TSeptember 20111 GHz32GB3.7" LCD13.2MP camera and waterproof
HTC Pro 7January 20111 GHz8GB/16GB3.6" LCD 
HTC SurroundNovember 20101 GHz16GB3.8" LCDslide out speaker
HTC TrophyOctober 20101 GHz8GB/16GB3.8" SLCD 
HTC MozartOctober 20101 GHz8GB/16GB3.7" SLCDXenon flash
HTC HD7October 20101 GHz8GB/16GB4.3" SLCD 
HTC TitanOctober 20111.5GHz16GB4.7" SLCD 
HTC Titan IIMarch 20121.5GHz16GB4.7" SLCD16MP camera, 4G LTE
HTC RadarOctober 20111 GHz8GB3.8" SLCD 
LG Optimus 7October 20101 GHz16GB3.8" LCDDLNA support
LG QuantumOctober 20101 GHz16GB3.5" LCD 
Nokia Lumia 710November 20111.4 GHz8GB3.7" LCD 
Nokia Lumia 800November 20111.4 GHz16GB3.7" ClearBlack AMOLEDN9 design
Nokia Lumia 900March 20121.4 GHz16GB4.3" ClearBlack AMOLED4G LTE
Samsung FocusNovember 20101 GHz8GB4" Super AMOLEDmicroSD support
Samsung Focus SNovember 20111.4 GHz16GB4.3" Super AMOLED 
Samsung Omnia 7October 20101 GHz8GB/16GB4" Super AMOLED 
Samsung Omnia WNovember 20111.4 GHz8GB3.7" Super AMOLED 
ZTE TaniaDecember 20111 GHz4GB4.3" LCD 

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