windows phone 8, first official details!

A video of Joe Belfiore detailing Windows Phone 8, codename “Apollo”, to Nokia has been leaked. The video has a bunch of rumors that are confirmed and some new features that will find their way into Microsoft’s next mobile OS.

The new features are:

  • Data Smart: your phone being smart about what network to use, this includes support for carrier wireless networks.
  • App-to-App communication. WP apps are sandboxed, in WP8 apps will be able to communicate with each other on a lower level then deeplinking by utilizing some sort of contracts.
  • Internet Explorer 10 Mobile. next gen mobile browser, based on the IE10 desktop kernel
  • Shared components with Windows 8. The kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all coming from Windows 8.
  • Companion experiences with Windows 8. the xbox companion app will be integrated into the system. Skydrive will have a deeper integration. All this will give the possibility to share content across phone, pc, console, … Also Zune will make place for some sort of new ActiveSync client, ow yeah! As much as I like Zune, activesync is just better.
  • Skype app. Still a separate but better app and not integrated into OS.
  • NFC and Wallet. Google wallet but coming from Microsoft, so obviously the same but better Glimlach Up to the carriers if they’ll support it. It will work both from build-in NFC chips or by special sim cards that have an on-board NFC chip
  • Local Scout. Now with personal recommendations and support for carrier hotspots.
  • Camera improvements. more powerful experience and some sort of “lens” app, we’ll have to wait and see what this means.
  • Business features. WP8 is targeting the  business again with features such as complete bitlocker encryption, secure boot check, system center integration, Exchange activesync policies and inventory possibilities. And, and this one’s kinda big, private appstores for businesses! That’s right, your in-house, employee only apps can be hosted on a private store.
  • For Developers: the CE kernel is boosted out in favor of the Windows 8 kernel, WP7 apps will be fully backwards compatible. With the new kernel comes support for native code, C++ developers rejoice! This makes porting ios and android apps easier and will make certain very popular apps finally come to our beloved platform.
  • Hardware: 4 resolutions, swappable SD card support, multicore CPU, NFC.

In my opinion, if Microsoft can deliver these features WP8 will be HUGE! This makes the Windows Phone platform on par with the competition and on some levels it exceeds them. Big kudos to Microsoft for making this happen in about 2 years, both Apple and Google have spent over 5 years to get to these kinds of functionality. Only two things remain in the dark, will our current devices get an upgrade? And will they pull this off? WP8 is rumored to roll out in the 4th quarter of 2012.

And remember Joe Belfiore, nothing remains hidden on the internet.

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