what i expect from the wp summit’s keynote

Tomorrow we will get the first details of the next Windows Phone version. A moment I've been waiting for since the first details of Apollo (the codename for WP8) started showing up. That said, I feel like a kid the evening before Christmas, staring at presents unable to open them or to take a peek inside.

What do I expect from the keynote? I expect announcements concerning new resolutions, multi-core CPU's, private marketplace, IE10, NFC, Wallet, new camera features, swappable SD cards.

Those are the most obvious things and I'm pretty sure that we'll hear about 95% of them tomorrow. Besides this I hope to hear from WP 7.7 or even better, existing devices will get a complete upgrade to WP8.

And let's not forget the dev related stuff, WP8 will run on WinRT, the kernel used in Windows 8, allowing devs to share 99% of apps between Windows Phone, Windows 8 and maybe even Xbox. I also hope for beta SDK availability tomorrow at the event and a release date set at about the same time as Windows 8 (around October). Maybe we'll even get some early access to the Smartglass SDK, that would be a whole lot of epicness.

No matter how it turns out, I'm pretty confident that it will be awesome. I'm already looking forward to using the complete WinRT ecosystem, but even more to developing apps that plug into each and every WinRT client.

I'll be following the livestream with our User Group's board and our friends at Microsoft while enjoying some beer and pizza, so setting is perfect. I'll also be spamming Twitter, so keep an eye on it there.

BEWARE: everything I talked about in this post is my own opinion, I have no knowledge of what effectively will be shown at tomorrow's keynote.

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