my community day session slides and demos are online

Yesterday was Community Day, the biggest community driven event in Belgium.

I did a talk there about porting over a Windows Phone 7 app to Windows 8. It was very exciting, I never spoke to such a crowd before, let alone hooked up my portable to a cinema beamer.

The talk itself went pretty well but I did suffer from demo failure, what was really odd since the demo worked perfectly an hour earlier. I researched the error after the talk and it seems that in a Windows 8 Metro app the path to the manifest file is an absolute path for some reason. I suddenly remembered that I moved the solution to another folder right before the talk, so it was my own fault. Reminder to self: never move a folder before doing a talk.

Anyway, it was a great day, I've met some nice people, had fun discussions and attended an App clinic on UI (thanks Lesley for the useful information!). See you next year community day!

Download my slides and demos here.

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