xna lunch game update

So I’ve already missed my first blog appointment about the Windows Phone game that I’m developing during my lunch brakes. Not a good start, but I’m taking two weeks off work so I do have a valid excuse Glimlach

Last week I worked 3 hours on the game in total, my vacation started on Thursday with the app-a-thon. In those three hours I reworked the control scheme. Previously the character was moved using a virtual, on-screen thumbstick. That worked great but on a device with such small screen estate and my huge thumbs there wasn’t much left to see. So I reworked that into a point and click system, tap on the screen and the character will move to the position of the tap. A side effect of this new system is that some enemy movement bug got fixed automagically, that was a rather nice surprise.

Next to the control scheme I made some progress on the collision detection system, since my level engine is a tile based layered engine it was quite easy to do. I’ll probably dedicate a separate post on the collision detection system.

All in all good progress with little time. The project will now be shelved until the end of June, the day my vacation ends is the day I’ll pick the game back up. So that’ll be two weeks without updates.

Keep an eye on Twitter for upcoming updates and see you in two weeks!


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