monogame–xna on windows 8

UPDATE: The good people of MonoGame brought it to my attention that MonoGame currently does not support Windows Phone 7 (XNA is supported on Windows Phone though) but they will probably support Windows Phone 8. Thanks for the heads up guys!

There’s currently no official support for XNA on Windows 8. That’s actually a real shame because XNA is my favorite way to develop games and Windows 8 is a fun platform to develop on. Luckily there’s always the community to come to our rescue. Enter MonoGame, an open source implementation of XNA for virtually any platform out there. Think iOS, Android,  Windows 8, even Playstation Vita.

A while ago Wesley and me started working on a BreakOut clone for Windows 8 using MonoGame. We currently have a raw basic gameplay and a first level. We even released a first official screenshot Smile

I now the screenshot doesn’t look really fancy yet (wel except for the giant pacman which is always awesome right?) but it’s an early build of a work very much in progress.

Follow us on Twitter for more updates (@NicoVermeir & @WesleyCabus), also see Wesley’s blog where he links to more information on MonoGame and how to set it up on your device.

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