xaml styler for visual studio 2013

Xaml Styler is a free Visual Studio 2012 extension available from the gallery. I’ve been using this extension for quite some time now and I’m really happy with how it styles my XAML code. Unfortunately the extension isn’t compatible with Visual Studio 2013.

Luckily for us, the extension is on Codeplex. I’ve downloaded the code, referenced the new Visual Studio SDK and recompiled it. It seems to be working fine with Visual Studio 2013 now.

I’ve uploaded the binaries to my Skydrive folder so that everyone can enjoy the extension in Visual Studio 2013 until the original author of the plug-in creates official Visual Studio 2013 support.

Be aware, this version isn’t thoroughly tested by anyone! I’ve compiled it, installed it and I’m currently using it. I haven’t ran into any problems yet but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have any problems. These binaries are supplied as-is.

Download from Skydrive

Gallery link

Original Codeplex page

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